Indian Institute of Carpet Technology, Srinagar

The Indian Institute of Carpet Technology, Srinagar has been established vide Govt. Order No 44-Ind of 2004, dated: 01-02-2004 with the objective to provide necessary technical support to Carpet Industry of the State. The initial Grant (Capital & Operational Expenditures) for Setting up of the Institute was sanctioned by O/o Development Commissioner Handicrafts, Ministry of Textiles, Govt. of India. Since 2010-11, the requisite budgetary support is being provided to the

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GI of Kashmiri Hand Knotted Carpet

With a view to provide legal protection and safeguard against use of registered Geographical Indication by others, the Indian Institute of Carpet Technology (IICT), Srinagar, J&K, initiated the process of registration of Kashmiri Handknotted Carpets under Geographical Indications of Goods (Registration and Protection) Act, 1999 way back in the year 2010.

IICT prepared a comprehensive research document, comprising of history, process of carpet making, Uniqueness, Specifications, name of the Geographical Indication, area of production, Proof of origin, Method of production, Inspection Body and other necessary details etc.


Subsequently, an application, on behalf of Meeras Carpet Weavers Industrial Co-operative Limited which was designated as registered Proprietor of Carpet GI, was filed through K&S Partners, Intellectual Property Attorneys, in the GI Registry, Chennai on 01-06-2015 for registration of Kashmiri Handknotted Carpets.

Pursuant to above, the meeting of Consultative Group was called by Geographical Indication Registry on 02-09-2015 in its office at Chennai. The Consultative Group comprised of technical and legal experts, representatives of applicant and Director IICT, Srinagar. The Consultative Group sought necessary details on the process of Kashmiri Hand Knotted Carpet and its uniqueness/specialization etc. The same were replied/clarified on the spot by the Director IICT, Srinagar, on behalf of the applicant.

After threadbare discussions and deliberations, the Consultative Group accepted the application for Registration of Kashmiri Hand Knotted Carpet under Geographical Indications of Goods Act with some conditions.

Thereafter, an examination report was issued by GI Registry on 16-09-2015 for its compliance before publication of application in the GI Journal, as per the provisions laid down in the GI Act.

After submission of compliance report and in view of the fact that No Objection was received from any quarter, the GI Registry, the Competent Authority, issued Registration Certificate for Kashmiri Handknotted Carpets under Geographical Indication of Goods (Registration and Protection) Act, 1999 on 13-06-2016 under Registration No.527.

For the purpose of Testing, Certification and Labeling of Kashmir Handknotted Carpets, the up-gradation of existing laboratory of the Institute has been done by way of procurement of different testing equipments, Development of Online Cloud based QR Management System alongwith procurement of specialized destructible Nano-tangent technology based secured fusion labels.

IICT has introduced QR Code based mechanism, first of its kind in the country, for the purpose of Certification & Labeling of Hand-knotted Carpets produced in Kashmir. By virtue of this QR Code mechanism, the customer would be able to check and verify requisite details of a carpet in respect of its genuineness/authenticity along with other related parameters with the help of smart phone before purchasing the same.

The QR Code along with registered Logo printed on secured fusion label, possessing requisite covert and overt information, is to be embossed on duly tested/certified carpet so that label cannot be copied/misused. Besides, there is a unique alphanumerical code printed on the label for the purpose of verification of details of carpet on www.iictsrinagarcarpet-gi.org ,

The above initiative is expected to go a long way in standardizing the quality of Handknotted carpets which in turn will boost exports of Carpet Industry in the international market and they would be treated at par with the quality/price of Iranian and Turkish Hand knotted carpets.

Government of Jammu and Kashmir has introduced Export Incentive Scheme. Under this scheme, incentive of 10% of the total volume of GI certified Handicrafts and Handloom products exported to any country ,with maximum reimbursement upto Rs. 5.00 crores, shall be provided to eligible exporters registered with Department of Handicrafts and Handloom.

The Department of Handicrafts and Handloom and IICT shall soon be launching a massive awareness and promotional campaign within and outside the UT of Jammu and Kashmir through various platforms to popularize GIof Handknotted carpets so that demand of GI certified Handknotted carpets produced in Kashmir gains popularity across the globe.

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Indian Institute of Carpet Technology (IICT), Srinagar

IICT, Srinagar provides necessary technical support to regional Carpet Industry of Jammu and Kashmir through Human Resource Development (HRD), Design Creation & Development (DCD), Research & Development (R&D) and Technical Services & Facilities (TSF) to the Industry.


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Secured Authentication Services has been introduced to protect ‘THE BRAND’ for the consumers.

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Our Customers Are Saying?

From last two decades I have been working as a weaver and have seen rise and fall in this trade. The day when I joined the training I was of the opinion that there would be few things which will come in a way to boost up the morale of artisans but not only this I felt a change first in myself. My whole pattern of working got revolutionized and I started to look at a broader picture. Now I don’t make carpets in an old fashion way but me and my artisan friends have a well defined pathway.
Bashir Ahmad War
By carpet trade I have earned my living. From last many years I am dealing with carpets both as a buyer and seller. By virtue of this training programme now I have understood how market behaves and what is appropriate for the same. Earlier it was difficult to arrange the work force and required no. of pieces and now by getting awareness about SHG’s, and cooperative societies this problem has finally under gone a solution.
Arshad Hussain Bhat


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